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The first live show of the new LMTV Sarthe Channel with Marc DENOUEIX and François PAYEUR at Sarthe General Council booth during 2007 Le Mans trade fair

Saturday 14th September 2007, Pascal BRULON manages the 1st live show of the new TV channel of Sarthe: LMTV SARTHE.

Following to Canal 8 channel with enlarged audience, the new channel made the choice of THE most atractive booth of 2007 Le Mans trade fair, the Sarthe General Council booth with the Le Mans Sarthe Wright 2008 Centennial as theme of the year, for this first live show.

Interviewed with maestria by Pascal BRULON, Director of LMTV SARTHE, François PAYEUR and Marc DENOUEIX had opportunity of talking in details about present situation and main events scheduled for 2008.


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